Booking Fall/Winter 2022

Please read THOROUGHLY! 


**PLEASE NOTE – Books are currently CLOSED to new clients UNLESS they fall under my preferred style of tattooing (see list below for idea’s I’d love to do). Please watch social Media for when Books will open further for Winter, 2023. 
**At this time I will NOT be booking any black and grey or Watercolour tattoos**

Request Forms can be found at the bottom left of this page (Pink Button) 


♥ Please fill out the forms fully, with as much detail as possible. Attach any reference photos, or photos of the area the tattoo is going if surrounded by other tattoos. 

♥ Once I have the chance to review your request, I will get back to you and we can discuss your design more thoroughly. All tattoos will be one of a kind, custom designs, unless you are booking for a wanna do. Due to time restraints, or tattoos I believe that would be better executed by another artist, some ideas may not be accepted.

♥Please check your emails and respond ASAP. I can’t hold spots for long. 

♥All appointments require a deposit of a MINIMUM $120, which will come off the final price of your tattoo. Approximate quotes will be given when requested.  Prices are per piece or by hour for larger, multiple session tattoos, $160/hour. Minimum is $120. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. All Prices are subject to HST! 

♥In order to not book out too far, I will occasionally close my books. All updates on when they will re-open will be posted on socials. 

♥PLEASE NOTE: NOT ALL REQUESTS WILL BE BOOKED. Requests will be chosen by how well they fit the tattoos that I prefer to be doing to continue to build the portfolio that best suits my future vision of tattooing. While this may seem unfair, please remember I am only one person. If I am unable to get you in, please keep your eyes peeled for visiting guest artists. 

Things I’d LOVE to do:

♥ SPOOPY cute Halloween ideas will take priority for Oct!
♥Rainbow Brite/My Little Pony/Care Bears or 80s/90s nostalgia
♥Vintage kitschy Tattoo styles (cute lambys, puppies etc)
♥Super vibrant retro feel florals/lava lamps/mushrooms
♥All things super Kawaii

♥ I always try to keep small spots open for simple tattoos. If your idea is more on the simple/smaller side, watch my stories for monthly openings. These will be booked month by month. 

♥When books are closed I will sometimes make exceptions for tattoos that fall under my preferred style of tattooing (Nostalgia, Kawaii, Disney in specific styles). This only happens when space allows (cancellations etc). Available Designs which you can find on my Instagram ‘Wanna Do’ highlight, will also get priority and be allowed to pre-book with deposits, regardless of books being open.  

♥ Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. I wish I could get EVERYONE in, and will always try my best. However, please keep in mind, I am only one person, and a wife and mother who is trying to work on work/life balance♥

I will respond to ALL EMAILS. If you do not hear back, please check your Spam folder. Please allow up to a week for me to get back.


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