Below are some frequently asked Questions. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to contact me!

What payment is accepted at Crybaby? 

CryBaby Tattoo is Cash only. While deposits can be made via EMT if you are coming in from out of town, the remainder of payment must be paid in cash. All prices are plus HST.

Where should I park? 

There is free street parking all around Crybaby, but mostly at a 2 hour limit. There is a parking lot just down further on Light Street where it is $2.00 for a full day, and free on the weekends.

How do you charge for your tattoos?

Tattoos will either be charged for the piece (set price), or hourly for larger and ongoing tattoos. My hourly is $150/hour.

Will you tattoo designs more than once?

Depends! I have ‘flash sheets’ which can be tattooed as many times as needed. If I draw something up custom for you, then it won’t be duplicated. My ‘up for grabs/wanna do’ designs are also only done once, though if there is something you really like, I can always draw up similar things custom for you.

Do you do free touch ups? 

Touch ups are only free if you are sitting for another tattoo. Otherwise, within the first year, I charge a small fee of $20 to touch up your tattoo. After a year, I will generally charge a discount rate from my regular, but that will also depend on the case and how much needs to be done.

Can I bring my friends? 

I don’t mind if you bring a friend, or two. But please refrain from bringing a large group with you, it can be very distracting! If it’s a flash day, or I have a guest at the shop, please only bring one.