Shop Policies

Please take the time to read through our Shop Policies before your appointment.


MASKS –  While your artist may continue to wear a mask while tattooing, we have now decided to allow people the choice to wear one or not*. However, we will 100% wear one if you would like us to (if we aren’t already) – Do not hesitate to ask – we want this to remain a comfortable space for everyone!

*Depending on the area being tattooed, and close we are to your face, we may ask you to wear a mask still. 

♥CryBaby Tattoo Co. is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. We do not accept walk-ins, unless we have posted for a specific walk-in event.

♥ CryBaby Tattoo Co. is a cash only studio. Artists may offer other payment options, but that is dependant on them. Please reach out to your artist if you have questions about this. 

♥Please come AT your appointment time, not early. 

♥Please bring government issued Photo ID. Tattoos are done only on persons 18+. NO exceptions. 

♥We recommend you come to your appointment alone. At this time, only artists and clients will be allowed in the tattoo area. 

♥Once you arrive at the studio, please sanitize your hands. Forms can be filled out by scanning a QR code with your phone. 

♥We aim to provide an inclusive and comfortable space at CryBaby. We will not tolerate hate speech, or disrespect to any of our artists OR clients. You will be asked to leave if you make anyone feel uncomfortable. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this over and for your understanding! I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!